Our Services

NETworks is a full-service theatrical production company offering an integrated approach to the touring business by providing services in the following areas:

Tour Producing

Our leadership is comprised of experienced producers and executive producers. We are able to leverage decades of experience to conduct research, secure licensing rights, establish partnerships, ensure financial viability and guide the artistic vision and direction for all touring productions. We oversee all core processes, including: casting and hiring, general management, production management, finance and accounting, booking, and marketing and sales. NETworks’ innovative approach, comprehensive historical data, and longstanding relationships enable our teams to develop successful and profitable tours.

General Management

We oversee the general management needs for a tour through all three phases of development, pre-production, production and operating.   Our general managers develop and oversee the planning and daily operations of touring productions including negotiations, hiring, accounting and reporting, settlements, personnel management, union administration/compliance, and legal needs. We take great care of our company members, creative teams and vendors.  We deeply value the myriad of partnerships we have developed throughout the theatrical industry.

Production Management

We hire and collaborate with the creative staff and designers to develop the technical and physical aspects of a touring production, ensuring the artistic integrity and quality meet the author’s and director’s vision of each production. Our experienced team understand the unique challenges associated with touring including hiring and managing large teams, performing in varying sized venues, and trucking oversight. We work closely with our clients to ensure their objectives align with our production management approach.