Current Goals and Initiatives

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI)


Improving hiring practices to ensure our companies are more diverse and reflective of all the communities we serve:

  • Establish clear goals and approach with partners and creative teams from the onset of a tour, that then help to enforce casting and hiring decisions throughout the process.
  • Expanding the list of hiring platforms we use; enabling us to reach underrepresented communities.
  • Modify existing and future job listings to ensure that the language is accessible, and the experience requirements are not prohibitively excessive.


Investing in and training candidates from underrepresented communities by creating and/or having our employees support the following programs:

  • University of Hartford’s HARTT School; BFA Undergraduate Technical and Stage Management program
  • Broadway & Beyond: Access for Stage Managers of Color
  • Prince Fellowship in conjunction with Columbia University


Provide ongoing anti-racist education for all employees, and resources supporting BIPOC employees:

  • Foster an overall culture of inclusion and diversity where all employees feel safe, welcomed, and valued.
  • Provide annual anti-racism workshops to all employees.
  • Strengthen reporting systems and resources for employees that experience harassment, discrimination or racism; ensuring the system is easily accessible.
  • Train managers to identify and respond to incidents involving harassment, discrimination, and racism.


Accessibility – working with each venue to make theatre more accessible for underrepresented communities.

  • Work with presenting partners to ensure all our productions are accessible and inviting to BIPOC communities.
  • Work with local market educational outreach departments to make student matinees available to BIPOC students and enhance local market educational outreach programs (I.e. master classes, Q&As, shadowing, etc.)
  • Providing local markets with study guides that are accessible and inclusive.